Our Story...

Hello and welcome.  

So, you want to know a little about us? Well, you might want to grab a cup of tea or coffee.  This could take a few minutes.  

My name is Christine and my husband's name is Shannon.  We live on Long Island, NY.   We met at our local community college, in a photography class.   He collected tree bark and I collected shoes.  I can prove opposites attract!   Five years later, we got married.  Life was good.  I was a special education teacher and Shannon, was working as a project manager.  Well, 3 years later, we had our first child, a son.  He was our world.  Fast forward another two and a half years and our daughter was born.  Our family felt complete.  But there was always something missing.  Two busy working parents, two kids and a mortgage to pay.  Like so many, a quick fast food dinner here and some packaged snacks there were normal, maybe even routine for us.  I once read an article about a mother who forgot her child's lunch at home. She actually packed a lunch just from the snacks she found in her car.  I remember laughing and thinking to myself, gosh I could probably do that.  Yikes! 

Still with me? The good part is coming up. 

Well, back in December of 2013, Shannon came home from work and  told me all about someone he met and how he ate a whole foods plant-based diet.  My first reaction: "That guy is nuts.  How is that possible?!"  That same guy recommended we watch a documentary called Forks over Knives.  I have to admit.  I was a bit resistant.  But, I'm a sucker for couch time when the kids are asleep, so we watched it (probably with a bag of chips in my lap). Well, Guess what happened? We began to question our lifestyle.  We consumed a lot of animal derived foods and most of our favored foods were all processed.  We knew we didn't always eat very well, but we tried and given our budget, we thought we were doing the best we could.  But, we could definitely be doing better.    I was the coupon queen! The next time I went grocery shopping, I read EVERY label.  I looked at the meat section with a different perspective.  Could our family survive without meat, eggs and dairy?  NO CHEESE???  The best part was that 90% of my coupons were useless.  So naturally, my first few thoughts were,  We can't do this, it's too expensive and what will we eat?   

At first, it wasn't easy.   We ate a lot of spaghetti.  Haha.  Slowly, we searched the internet for recipes and discovered new things (What the hell is nutritional yeast?) and experimented with all kinds of new foods.  There are so many that we were not aware of.  Our children, now ages 6 and 9, slowly adapted to this new lifestyle as well.  To be quite honest, like all kids, they have their aversions too.  Our son despises sweet potatoes and our daughter avoids all tomatoes like the plaque (yet she eats red sauce and salsa. Don't ask).

 So  from that very same day we watched that documentary, right up until this very moment, we continue to find ways to adapt to a whole foods plant-based diet.  I can not say we are committed 100% of the time.  Although we never consume dairy, eggs or any animal derived foods,  we do, on occasion, have some processed foods, such as Trader Joes chickenless nuggets (our kids go nuts over these) and dairy free yogurts and ice cream.  Ultimately, that would make us vegan.  To be quite honest, I don't strive to label ourselves.  I feel we just choose to eat healthier, and make better choices.   Best decision we ever made!  We are a very happy and healthy family.   

This site has been a dream of mine.  I've always wanted to show others that it is completely possible to transition yourself and your family, to a healthier lifestyle.   This site is a place for us to share our tried and true recipes that we love, share our struggles of raising our children in a meat eating world and provide resources that we feel could benefit others. 

So please join us, as we continue to feed ourselves with knowledge and plants...lots and lots of plants!

~ Christine